NEXT MEETING: Jan. 14, 2020 - 19:00 | Osterbronnstraße 54, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany

International Women's Contemplative Prayer Group

Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed? Longing to calm your mind and experience the presence of God?
International Women's Contemplative Prayer Group

Time & Location

NEXT MEETING: Jan. 14, 2020 - 19:00
Osterbronnstraße 54, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany



Open to all. New comers & visitors welcome!

Cost: Free

*The evening will consist of a mix of Christian contemplative prayer techniques, a short teaching with group dialogue; as well as, periods of silent prayer.

Some brief descriptions of the types of prayer we may experience together...

Centering Prayer is a gentle, silent method of consenting to God's presence and healing action within us. Based on the rich Christian contemplative heritage, Centering Prayer offers us a way to be open to God. By taking time to "rest in God" each day, we open our awareness to the gift of God's presence.

Breath Prayer is a way of praying that helps us remember that God is as present to us as our breath.  He infuses us with life that feeds every cell of our being, like the air we breathe.  Some find breath prayer to be a way of entering into stillness, or a helpful tool in slowing down, or a way of expressing to God, a root desire or need we find within.

Imaginative Prayer is a way of praying the Scriptures that helps to bring them alive – it gives us a chance to place ourselves right in the story.  We imagine that we are there, in a Gospel story with Jesus - present to what is happening, to how God might speak to us through it, in the now.

Lectio Divina (divine or sacred reading) is a way of reading and praying the scripture that reminds us it is God's living word.  It is an invitation to listen with the ears of our heart.  We read the Scripture not to analyze it or because we want more knowledge, but from a desire for communion with God.  Lectio Divina invites us to enter into the Scripture and to allow it to enter into us, to experience how God might be touching our lives through it in a personal way.

Welcoming Prayer is the prayer practice of paying attention to the emotions that unsettle us, welcoming those emotions as the place where God can meet us, and eventually, letting go and surrendering to God in the present moments of daily life. This prayer helps dismantle unhealthy emotional programs in order to heal the wounds of a lifetime by addressing where they are stored – in the body. 

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