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Approach to Soul Care


The term Soul Care (Latin: cura animarum) or as the Germans call it Seelsorge, is a term used to describe the personal spiritual accompaniment and support of a person, especially in life crises, by a suitably trained person. Methodologically, soul care can vary according to the concept; but it always involves the deeper journey into the spiritual aspects of life. 

While my Christian worldview forms the foundation of my approach to Soul Care, I welcome, respect, and am mindful of all faith traditions; and will do my best to meet you where you're at on your spiritual journey.


In addition to my training and experience as a counselor, my approach to soul care has been significantly shaped by the writings and teachings of a number of people including, David Benner, Henri Nouwen, Ruth Haley Barton, Gerald May, Brennan Manning, and Richard Rohr.  

as well as personal experiences of emotional and spiritual struggle and new growth & transformation in my own life.


I am training in various tools including Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, Enneagram personality.  

Soul Care sessions are usually scheduled monthly. 


Fees for Soul Care sessions are the same as the standard fees for counseling. 

For more information or to book Soul Care sessions, contact me with the subject: Soul Care.


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