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Holistic Counseling & Psychotherapy

Individual counseling provides a safe, compassionate, and confidential environment to address one on one the issues that are concerning you.  While some concerns can be resolved with brief therapy, there is often a need to do deeper work in order to address the root issues that affect many areas of our lives.


This type of work usually requires a commitment of at least one session per week and could last several weeks, months, or longer based on the individual goals for therapy.  

Individual Counseling

Approach & Philosophy

Relational & Holistic

I believe that life is a journey and that each person has a unique path to discover -- as sojourners, the relationships we build along the way are a vital part of finding both psychological and emotional health. Likewise, I consider the therapeutic relationship to be an important part of the counseling process.


I work from a holistic understanding that takes into account the somatic, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.  I seek to treat the whole person and take the time to address all aspects of my clients’ lives in order to promote healing, growth, and transformation.


I make it my first priority to listen to each client's individual story and get to know the whole person: Who are you? What brought you here? What are you struggling with physically, emotionally and/or mentally? What has motivated you to seek change and healing? What has meaning for you? As the therapeutic relationship develops, sessions become a time of collaborative and deep exploration.



Existential Therapeutic Philosophy

I am highly influenced by an existential therapeutic philosophy that focuses on living a fully authentic and meaningful life in the here and now. I have been deeply impacted by the work of Viktor Frankl and often draw from his Logotherapy approach to psychotherapy. In addition,  I utilize tools from several other therapeutic models, ranging from a Mindfulness-based Cognitive therapy approach -- oriented toward changing maladaptive thought and behavioral patterns; to a deeper psychodynamic focus on uncovering deeply embedded beliefs and values which may be having an impact on the healing process. 

Integrative & Natural Therapies

As a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP), according to the work of Dr. Leslie Korn, I integrate safe, evidence-based effective alternative and natural therapies to support whole healing - mind, body, and spirit.  

Healing from Trauma

I also offer EMDR Therapy, which is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma.  It is used to resolve unprocessed traumatic memories by relying on the brain’s natural ability to heal.


As each person and situation are unique, I make every effort to match the counseling approach to the specific needs of my clients.

Spiritually Sensitive Psychotherapy

I believe that we are all spiritual beings and that finding purpose and meaning along life’s journey is important. I have extensive experience walking gently and humbly with people from a wide range of religions and spiritual paths. In therapy, I offer the opportunity to stay attentive and attuned to both the psychological and spiritual dynamics of the presenting issue in an open compassionate, and non-judgmental environment


Whereas my own personal spiritual journey has led me to a deep faith in God as a Christian, at the same time, I will always seek to honor and respect your faith traditions and meet you wherever you happen to be on your unique spiritual journey.

As a therapist, I welcome open dialogue, and if you have any questions or would like to explore further my approach to therapy, please just ask.

Approach & Philosophy
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